About Us

After many years of experience in frames and wardrobe furniture, Sofa Home was founded in 2014.
The company has worked with furniture factories for several years. It has taken advantage of their experience to successfully market their products at the most affordable prices to all of you.

The partnership of Sofa Home with renowned companies from Greece, the South of France, England, Italy and the Netherlands ensures that each piece of furniture meets 100% your personal preferences and needs.

Designed to fit all the needs of your spaces, our furniture is available in a wide range of modern materials, dimensions, and shades.

It is no longer just a place of isolation from everyday life, but also a place of relaxation for all family members. This is how Sofa Home sees it, this is how we design it.
A space that matches the style of your home, offering designs and furniture that make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Sofa Home

so comfortable || so elegant

so life lasting || so living

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